The Medieval Studies program organizes two series of talks on a regular basis, the Yale Lectures in Medieval Studies which feature lectures by distinguished scholars from all spheres of Medieval Studies, and the Medieval Lunch Colloquium, at which we enjoy talks by graduate students and faculty over college dining hall fare.

Our Calendar page also hosts announcements for other events related to Medieval Studies which happen across campus. Please send all such announcements to the program administrator, Janice Zocher, at, for posting.



FALL 2019

September 30, 5:00, CT Hall, 2nd floor:  Hiroshi Takayama, (Professor of History, U of Tokyo) “The Norman Court of Sicily:  A Crossroads of Greek, Arabic, and Latin Cultures”

October 3, 5:30, LC 317:  Paul Freedman, ( Chester D. Tripp Professor of History, Yale U) “The Afterlife of the Catalan MIddle Ages”

November 15, 4:30, LC 317:  Achim Timmermann, (Associate Professor of History of Art, U of Michigan) “Calvary is Everywhere: Criminal Punishment and the Topographical Imagination in the Late Medieval City”

December Date and Time TBA:  Michael McCormick (Francis Goelet Professor of Medieval History, Harvard) Title to be announced


January 24, 5:30, LC 101:  Geraldine Heng (Associate Professor of English and Comparative Literature at U of Texas, Austin)  “An Ordinary Ship and it’s Stories of Early Globalism: Modernity, Mass Production and Art in the Global Middle Ages”

February 7, 5:30, LC 101:  Brian Catlos (Professor of Religious Studies, U of Colorado, Boulder)  “Intimate Enemies, Estranged Friends: Free Muslims in Medieval Europe”

February 21, 5:30 LC 101:  Eric Palazzo (Professor of the History of Medieval Art, Universite de Poitiers)  “The Concept of Energy in the Middle Ages:  Dissemination, Deployment, Representation”

April 11, 5:30, LC 101:  Achim Timmermann (Associate Professor of the History of Art, U of Michigan), “Thresholds, Secrets and Revelations Around the Shrines of German Gothic Sacrament Houses”  **EVENT  CANCELED

Fall 2018

September 27, 5:30, LC 317:  Henry Parkes, (Assistant Professor, Yale Institute of Sacred Music)  “The Miraculous Responsory: Tales of Divine Encounter in the Medieval Night Office”

October 11, 5:30, LC 101: Achim Hack, (Professor of Medieval History, Friedrich-Schiller-Universitat Jena, Germany) “Old Ports - New Havens: Exploring Medieval Harbours”

November 1, 5:30, LC 317: Mary Carruthers (Erich Maria Remarque Prof.of Literature and Professor of English, Emerita, New York University) “Dislocation, Disquiet, and Perplexity: Some Observations on Invention in Medieval Meditational Practice”

December 7, 3:45, Beinecke Library:  Visual-Textual Encounters:  An Interdisciplinary Panel on Text and Image Relations in Medieval British Manuscripts, featuring Jessica Brantley (Professor of English, Yale University), Michelle Brown (Professor Emerita of Medieval Manuscript Studies School of Advanced Studies, University of London) and Sonja Drimmer (Assistant Professor of Medieval Art and Architecture, UMass Amherst)


February 15, 11:45 AM-1 PM, LC 319: Medieval Colloquium presents Suzanne Conklin Akbari (Toronto), “Static Time: Ekphrasis in Chaucer’s Knight’s Tale and House of Fame”

February 15, 5 PM, LC 317: Yale Lectures in Medieval Studies presents Suzanne Conklin Akbari (Toronto),”The Shame of Dinah: Emotion and Negative Theology in the Benjamin Minor”

February 22, 4 PM, LC 319: Medieval Colloquium presents Anthony Bale (Birkbeck College, University of London), “Pilgrim Books: Reconstructing Medieval Reading en route to Rome and Jerusalem”

Thursday, March 1, 5:30 PM, Roberta Gilchrist, Professor of Archaeology, University of Reading **EVENT CANCELED DUE TO SNOWSTORM IN UK

March 5, 5:30 PM, LC 319: Medieval Colloquium presents Irina Dumitrescu (Universität Bonn), “Charismatic Strategies in Medieval Literature”

March 29, 4 PM, LC 319: Medieval Colloquium presents Seeta Chagnati (University of California-Davis), “No rose of swych vertu: Virtuality and the Middle English Carol”

Thursday, April 12, 5:30 PM, Simon Gaunt, Professor of French Language and Literature, King’s College London  **EVENT CANCELED

April 12, 5:30 PM, HGS 211: Yale Lectures in Medieval Studies presents a Dissertation Showcase

April 17, 5:30 PM, Loria 351: The European Studies Council and the Yale Lectures in Medieval Studies present Giulia Puma (University of Nice Sophia Antipolis), “Embedded Images/Reflexive Paintings in Late Medieval Italy (14th/15th centuries)”

April 19, 4 PM, LC 105: Medieval Colloquium presents (with Race, Gender, and Sexuality Studies Colloquium) Steven Kruger (Queen’s College, CUNY), “The Queer Time-Space of Conversion”

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