Eligible Courses

These Spring 2022 courses are eligible to be counted toward the Undergraduate Certificate. Cross-listed courses are listed only once. Some encompass more than one Zone, though for the purposes of the distribution requirement, you can count them only once. If you have questions about whether and how a course might count, please speak to a Certificate Adviser. For previous Certificate-eligible courses, see the course archive.

ANTH 255: Inca Culture and Society 
ANTH 326: Ancient Cultures of the Eurasian Steppes (Zone 2: S/Central Asia)
ARBC 146: Intermediate Classical Arabic II (Zone 3: Near East)
East Asian Languages and Literatures
EALL 219: Introduction to Chinese Philosophy (Zone 1: E Asia)
ENGL 205: Medieval Songlines (Zone 4: Europe)
ENGL 301: Topics in Old English Literature (Zone 4: Europe)
ENGL 302: Chaucer (Zone 4: Europe)
HIST 211: The Birth of Europe (Zone 4: Europe)
HIST 222J: Russia and the Eurasian Steppe (Zone 2 or 4: S/C Asia or Europe)
HIST 321J: Exploring the Silk Road (Zone 1, 2 or 3: E Asia, S/C Asia or Near East)
History of Art
HSAR 144: Arts of the Silk Road (Zone 1, 2 or 3: E Asia, S/C Asia or Near East)
HSAR 271: Medieval People and their Art (Zone 4: Europe)
Italian Studies
ITAL 317: Women in the Middle Ages (Zone 4: Europe)
Judaic Studies
JDST 377: Religious Conversion of Medieval Jews, Christians and Muslims (Zone 3 or 4: Near East or Europe)
Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations
NELC 402: The Islamic Near East from Muhammad to the Mongol Invasions (Zone 3: Near East)