Eligible Courses

These Fall 2023 undergraduate courses are eligible to be counted toward the Undergraduate Certificate. Cross-listed courses are listed only once. Some encompass more than one Zone, though for the purposes of the distribution requirement, you can count them only once. Graduate-level courses with a MDVL number may also be counted toward the Certificate. Depending on reading and coursework, other Yale College courses may also be eligible for the certificate; if you have questions about whether and how a course might count, please speak to a Certificate Adviser. For previous Certificate-eligible courses, see the course archive


ANTH 255  Inca Culture and Society

ANTH 417   Maya Hieroglyphic Writing

East Asian Languages and Literatures

EALL 203 The Tale of Genji (Zone 1 - E Asia)


ENGL 150  Introduction to Old English (Zone 4 - Europe)

ENGL 154  Multicultural Middle Ages (Zone 4 - Europe)

ENGL 204  Medieval Songlines (Zone 4 - Europe)


HIST 210 Early Middle Ages, 284-1000 (Zone 4 - Europe)

HIST 219 Jews and the World: From the Bible through Early Modern Times (Zone 3 or 4)

HIST 232J Medieval Jews, Christians, and Muslims in Conversation (Zone 3 or 4)

HIST 234J History of the Supernatural from Antiquity to Modernity (Zone 4 - Europe)

HIST 290 Russia from the Ninth Century to 1801 (Zone 4 - Europe)

HIST 321 China from Present to Past (Zone 1 - E Asia)

History of Art

HSAR 110 Global Decorative Arts

HSAR 252 The Mexican Codices: Art and Knowledge

HSAR 266 Introduction to Islamic Architecture (Zone 3 - Near East)

HSAR 326 History of Architecture to 1750

HSAR 415 Women and Art in Premodern East Asia (Zone 1 - E Asia) 


HUMS 270 The Chinese Tradition (Zone 1 - E Asia)


ITAL 161 Introduction to Italian Literature: From the Duecento to the Renaissance (Zone 4 - Europe)

ITAL 310 Dante in Translation (Zone 4 - Europe)

ITAL 315 The Catholic Intellectual Tradition (Zone 4 - Europe)


MUSI 240 Performance of Early Music (Zone 4 - Europe)

Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations

NELC 128 From Gilgamesh to Persepolis: Introduction to Near Eastern Literatures (Zone 3 - Near East)

NELC 131 The Quran (Zone 3 - Near East)

NELC 368 The Cairo Genizot and their Literatures (Zone 3- Near East)