Eligible Courses

These Fall 2021 courses are eligible to be counted toward the Undergraduate Certificate. Cross-listed courses are listed only once. Some encompass more than one Zone (though for the purposes of the distribution requirement, you can count them only once). If you have questions about whether and how a course might count, please speak to a Certificate Adviser.


ANTH 264: Aztec Archaeology and Ethnohistory

East Asian Languag​es and Literatures
EALL 200: The Chinese Tradition. Zone: 1 (E Asia)
EALL 221: Introduction to Chinese Buddhist Literature. Zone: 1 (E Asia)
EALL 236: Japanese Poetry and Poetics. Zone: 1 (E Asia)
EALL 296: Religion and Culture in Korea. Zone: 1 (E Asia)
EALL 301: Ancient and Medieval Chinese Poetry. Zone: 1 (E Asia)
ENGL 150: Old English. Zone: 4 (Europe)
ENGL 154: The Multicultural Middle Ages. Zone: 4 (Europe)
ENGL 177: Medieval Drama. Zone: 4 (Europe)
HIST 209J: Revolt and Rebellion in Medieval Europe. Zone: 4 (Europe)
HIST 219: Jewish History and Thought to Early Modern Times. Zone: 3 or 4 (Near East or Europe)
HIST 226J: Jews and Christians in the Formation of Europe, 500-1500. Zone: 4 (Europe)
HIST 280: The Catholic Intellectual Tradition. Zone: 4 (Europe)
HIST 290: Russia from the Ninth Century to 1801. Zone: 4 (Europe)
HIST 317J: Japanese History before 1600: Society and Economy. Zone: 1 (E Asia)
HIST 321: China from Present to Past, 2021-960. Zone: 1 (E Asia)
History of Art
HSAR 110: Introduction to the History of Art: Global Decorative Arts.
HSAR 150: Introduction to the History of Art: Art and Architecture of the Sacred.
HSAR 326: History of Architecture to 1750.
HSAR 357: Arts of Japan I. Zone: 1 (E Asia)
HSAR 457: Japanese Gardens. Zone: 1 (E Asia)
HSAR 475: Art and the Senses in Europe, 500-1700. Zone: 4 (Europe)
Italian Studies
ITAL 162: Introduction to Italian Literature: From the Duecento to the Renaissance. Zone: 4 (Europe)
ITAL 310: Dante in Translation. Zone: 4 (Europe)
MUSI 240: The Performance of Early Music. Zone: 4 (Europe)
MUSI 350: History of Western Music: Middle Ages and Renaissance. Zone: 4 (Europe)
Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations
NELC 128: From Gilgamesh to Persepolis: Introduction to Near Eastern Literatures. Zone: 3 (Near East)
NELC 453: History of the Arabic Language. Zone: 3 (Near East)
Religious Studies
RLST 420: Introduction to Syriac Christianity. Zone: 3 (Near East)
SPAN 261: Studies in Spanish Literature I. Zone: 4 (Europe)