Graduate Program

The Program in Medieval Studies was founded to offer advanced training in interdisciplinary research methods to graduate students with an interest in the Middle Ages. With an emphasis on language skills and work with primary documents, Yale’s degrees in Medieval Studies provide students with a strong foundation for original research spanning many fields. The Program counts many distinguished medievalists among its alumni. Currently, we have particular strengths in medieval interfaith relations in the greater Mediterranean world; the history and culture of medieval Iberia; cultural transit on the Silk Road; Gothic and late medieval art; aesthetic theory; reading practices; and polyphonic song. This list is by no means exhaustive, and prospective students are encouraged to explore the interests of our faculty and current graduate students for a sense of our Program’s range.

The Program offers two degrees: the PhD and the MA. Application to both programs is through the Graduate School’s main portal. Each degree has separate application requirements.

The PhD in Medieval Studies normally takes six years to complete. It requires two years of coursework, a qualifying exam, and dissertation prospectus, in addition to the dissertation itself, which is expected to be a monograph-length work of original scholarship. It is fully funded; students will teach for at least two years as part of their funding package.

The MA in Medieval Studies is a freestanding one-year terminal degree. It requires students to successfully complete six or seven courses at the graduate level, with the option of a directed research project. It is not a prerequisite for the PhD, and students must provide their own funding.

The Program’s range and diversity is among its greatest strengths. Accordingly, we particularly invite applications from those whose personal backgrounds or research interests have historically been under-represented in the American academy or in the field of Medieval Studies.