Teaching Opportunities

The Teaching Fellow Program (FTP)

The Teaching Fellow Program provides the principal framework at Yale in which graduate students learn, under faculty guidance, to become effective teachers and to evaluate student work. In the third and fourth years, a Medieval Studies doctoral student will apply to serve as a TF in one of the departments whose faculty are involved with the program. During these years the teaching stipend replaces the fellowship stipend. In ordinary circumstances, a Medieval Studies doctoral student will be appointed as a TF for one course in each of four semesters. Teaching opportunities will be discussed on an individual basis with the DGS for Medieval Studies. For details see:


The Associates in Teaching Program (ATP)

In addition, the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences is running an Associates in Teaching program. This enables a student to work with a faculty member to conceptualize or redesign, plan, and deliver an undergraduate course. Courses are approved on a competitive basis. For full details see:


For the services offered by the Yale Graduate School of Arts & Sciences Teaching Center see:


An essential resource to have on hand is the McDougal Graduate Teaching Center’s guidebook, Becoming Teachers, available on-line at: