Sebastian Rider-Bezerra

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Sebastian Rider-Bezerra studies medieval cultural history, primarily in ‘contact zones’ between languages, ethnic groups, societies and polities, with a particular interest in the establishment of interdisciplinary methodologies and paradigms drawing on anthropology, archeology, economics, statistics, literary criticism, psychological theory, and translation studies. Past work has included the social and agrarian history of southern France, hybrid society on the English-Welsh border, and Middle Welsh history, society, and literature, from which a publication, “A Reconsideration of Violence in Medieval Welsh Society, 1150-1400,” is forthcoming in Prowess, Piety, and Public Order in Medieval Society: Studies in Honor of Richard W. Kaeuper from Brill. Other current efforts involve student editions of Middle Welsh texts based on the Rhyddiaith Gymraeg project and preliminary work on a previously unknown Occitan livre terrier.