Certificate Advisers

Advisers for the Undergraduate Certificate will be happy to talk with you at any and all stages in your progress. Here are some things about which you might consult them:

  • Planning a set of courses that best fits your interests and major requirements;
  • Finding interesting medieval events, and approving your report;
  • Deciding whether a course you’ve already taken is eligible for the Certificate (and if so, for which Zone);
  • Preparing for graduate study in an area related to the global Middle Ages;
  • Finding new aspects of the medieval that you haven’t yet explored.

These are the 2023-24 academic year advisers:

Jessica Brantley
Professor of English
Chair, English
Ardis Butterfield
Professor of English, French & Music
Hussein Fancy
Professor of History
Christiana Purdy Moudarres
Assistant Professor of Italian
Shawkat Toorawa (fall)
Professor of Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations
Jesús Velasco
Professor of Spanish
Chair, Spanish and Portuguese
Jacqueline Jung (spring)
Professor of the History of Art
Emily Thornbury (Certificate Director)
Associate Professor, English
Chair, Medieval Studies