Spring 2022 UC courses

ANTH 255: Inca Culture and Society 
ANTH 326: Ancient Cultures of the Eurasian Steppes (Zone 2: S/Central Asia)
ARBC 146: Intermediate Classical Arabic II (Zone 3: Near East)
East Asian Languages and Literatures
EALL 219: Introduction to Chinese Philosophy (Zone 1: E Asia)
ENGL 205: Medieval Songlines (Zone 4: Europe)
ENGL 301: Topics in Old English Literature (Zone 4: Europe)
ENGL 302: Chaucer (Zone 4: Europe)
HIST 211: The Birth of Europe (Zone 4: Europe)
HIST 222J: Russia and the Eurasian Steppe (Zone 2 or 4: S/C Asia or Europe)
HIST 321J: Exploring the Silk Road (Zone 1, 2 or 3: E Asia, S/C Asia or Near East)
History of Art
HSAR 144: Arts of the Silk Road (Zone 1, 2 or 3: E Asia, S/C Asia or Near East)
HSAR 271: Medieval People and their Art (Zone 4: Europe)
Italian Studies
ITAL 317: Women in the Middle Ages (Zone 4: Europe)
Judaic Studies
JDST 377: Religious Conversion of Medieval Jews, Christians and Muslims (Zone 3 or 4: Near East or Europe)
Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations
NELC 402: The Islamic Near East from Muhammad to the Mongol Invasions (Zone 3: Near East)