The Program in Medieval Studies is now offering small grant opportunities for graduate students who are enrolled in the program. This is a pilot project with a limited budget. There are three categories of funding available: attendance at conferences; participation in workshops or seminars; and partial support for language study. Funding is limited, and grants will be awarded on a rolling basis, with only one grant in each category to any individual student. Those students who have not received support in previous years will receive priority. Please see below for details about funding opportunities and the application process.
Funding for Attendance at Conferences:
MDST encourages students to attend, participate in, and, if appropriate, share their work at academic conferences directly related to their fields of interest and research focus.
International = up to $1,000
Domestic = up to $500
Extra-Curricular Learning Opportunities:
A limited amount of funding is available to support “extra-curricular learning opportunities,” namely tuition for short-term courses/ workshops/ seminars taken elsewhere for a demonstrable academic purpose related to graduate research and study; and travel accommodations related to attendance at such events. Amounts will be decided on a case-by-case basis, depending on need.
Partial Support for Language Study:
Language study is a critical component of our program. Students are eligible for up to $1000 toward enrollment in an accredited language program relevant to their research, to supplement any funding received from GSAS, the MacMillan Center, or other sources toward language study.
Applying for Funding:
Please fill out the application form and email it to Emily Thornbury, Chair, Program in Medieval Studies,, with “Application Small Grants MDST” in the subject heading. A committee will evaluate the application, and you will be notified as quickly as possible. Funds are limited, so it is in your interest to apply for funding through GSAS, the McMillan Center, and other sources at Yale or beyond as well. Every effort will be made to help students supplement funding from GSAS or MacMillan depending on need. Recipients of MDST grants will be expected to provide a one-page report about the use to which they put the grant.