Fall 2022 UC courses


ANTH 232 Ancient Civilizations of the Andes 
ANTH 264 Aztec Archaeology and Ethnohistory 

East Asian Languages and Literatures

EALL 200 The Chinese Tradition (Zone 1: E Asia)


ENGL 150 Old English (Zone 4: Europe)
ENGL 200 Laboring through the Middle Ages (Zone 4: Europe)


HIST 210 Early Middle Ages, 284-1000 (Zone 4: Europe)
HIST 219 Jewish History and Thought to Early Modern Times (Zone 3 or 4)
HIST 232J Medieval Jews, Christians and Muslims in Conversation (Zone 3 or 4)
HIST 280 The Catholic Intellectual Tradition (Zone 4: Europe)
HIST 290 Russia from the Ninth Century to 1801 (Zone 4: Europe)
HIST 321  China from Present to Past (Zone 1: E Asia)

History of Art

HSAR 119 Introduction to the History of Art: Asian Art and Culture (Zone 1: E Asia)
HSAR 273 The Art of Gothic Cathedrals (Zone 4: Europe)
HSAR 275 The Body in Indian Art (Zone 2: S/C Asia)
HSAR 326  History of Architecture to 1750

Italian Studies
ITAL 310 Dante in Translation (Zone 4: Europe)
MUSI 240 Performance of Early Music (Zone 4: Europe)
MUSI 455  A History of Music Notation (Zone 4: Europe)
Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations
NELC 128 From Gilgamesh to Persepolis (Zone 3: Near East)
NELC 156 Classics of the Arabic-Islamic World (Zone 3: Near East)
NELC 325 The Education of Princes: Medieval Advice Literature of Rulership and Counsel (Zone 3: Near East)
Religious Studies
RLST 287 Islamic Theology and Philosophy (Zone 3: Near East)
RLST 321  Hindus and Muslims in South Asia (Zone 2: South and Central Asia)