Medieval Studies Course Listing  2017-2018

Please note that course numbers listed with an “a” are offered in the fall term and those with a “b” are offered in the spring term.

Please check the Yale Online Course Information web site at info for the most up to date information, as well as the course descriptions.



ARBC 500a

ARBC 501b

Elementary Modern Standard Arabic Sarab Al Ani

ARBC 502a

ARBC 503b

Intermediate Modern Standard Arabic Muhammad Aziz

ARBC 509a

ARBC 510b

Intermediate Classical Arabic

Iraj Sheidaee

Religious Studies

REL 945a From House Churches to Medieval Cathedrals Vasileos Marinis/Sally Promey
RLST 557b Medieval Indian Texts Phyllis Granoff

REL 667b/MDVL611b

Medieval Latin for Sinners and Saints

John Dillon

RLST 776b/HIST 601b Jewish History, Thought, and Narratives in Medieval Societies Ivan Marcus

RLST 777b/HIST590b

Jews in Muslim Lands from the Seventh

through the Sixteenth Century

Ivan Marcus



ENGL 500a

Introduction to Old English Language and Literature

Traugott Lawler

ENGL 519b/MDVL570b

Medieval Manuscripts and Literary Forms

Jessica Brantley

ENGL 526a

History & Theory of the Lyric, Medieval and Modern Ardis Butterfield/Langdon Hammer

ENGL 546b

Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales and Three Earlier Poems

Alastair Minnis



CLSS 602b/MDVL 563b

Advanced Latin Paleography

Barbara Shailor



HIST 537b/MDVL612b           

*required interdisciplinary for Medieval Studies majors

The Mediterranean in Late Antiquity and the Middle Ages

Paul Freedman


Law in Medieval Europe

Anders Winroth

HIST 596a/RLST 773a

Jewish History and Thought to Early Modern Times

Ivan Marcus




Old French

R. Howard Bloch



Women in the Middle Ages

Christiana Purdy Moudarres

History of Art

HSAR 595a Byzantium and Italy in the Later Middle Ages Robert Nelson

Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations


NELC 548b/MDVL 580b

Ancient and Medieval Astronomy:  From Babylonian to Greek to Arabic to Latin Kevin Van Bladel

NELC 549b/MDVL 581b

Reading Classical (Medieval)  Arabic Scholarship

Kevin Van Bladel

NELC 556b/CPLT 564b

Classics:  The Arabic-Islamic World

Shawkat Toorawa

NELC 550b

Classical Near East Seminar (= Ancient Language)

Kevin Van Bladel


LATN 790b

Latin - Syntax and Stylistics Joseph Solodow