Medieval Studies Course Listing  2018-2019

Please note that course numbers listed with an “a” are offered in the fall term and those with a “b” are offered in the spring term.

Please check the Yale Course Search site for the most up to date information, as well as the course descriptions.



CLSS 601a/MDVL 571a

Intro to Paleography

Ray Clemens

CLSS 602B/MDVL 563b

Advanced Latin Paleography Barbara Shailor

Divinity/Religious Studies

REL 713b/MDVL 664b

History of Medieval Christianity


REL 945a/MDVL 663a From House Churches to Medieval Cathedrals Vasileos Marinis

REL 667a/MDVL 611a

Medieval Latin for Sinners and Saints

John Dillon

RLST 776a/HIST 601a/MDVL 669a Jewish History, Thought, and Narratives in Medieval Societies Ivan Marcus

REL 731a/MDVL 631a

Origins of Christian Art in Late Antiquity

Vasileios Marinis

Felicity Harley



ENGL 500a/MDVL 665a

 Old English

Emily Thornbury

ENGL 502b/MDVL 666b

Old English II Emily Thornbury

ENGL 537a/MDVL 668a

The Gawain Poet Jessica Brantley


FREN 812b/MDVL667b

Old French Fables and Fabliaux R. Howard Bloch



HIST 536a/MDVL 536a         

*required interdisciplinary for Medieval Studies majors

Charters, Cartularies, and Archives

Paul Freedman

Ray Clemens

HIST 540b/MDVL 660b

Intro to Research in Medieval History

Anders Winroth

HIST 531b/MDVL 661b

Medieval Hagiography

Ray Clemens

HIST 600b/MDVL 670b/JDST 802B

Jewish Everyday Life in the Middle Ages

Micha Perry

History of Art

HSAR 591a/MDVL 650a

Visions & Art in Medieval Europe

Jackie Jung


Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations


NELC 615a /MDVL 662a

Medieval Baghdad Shawkat Toorawa