The Medieval Studies program organizes two series of talks on a regular basis, the Yale Lectures in Medieval Studies which feature lectures by distinguished scholars from all spheres of Medieval Studies, and the Medieval Lunch Colloquium, at which we enjoy talks by graduate students and faculty over college dining hall fare.

This page also hosts announcements for other events related to Medieval Studies which happen across the campus. Please send all such announcements to the program administrator, Janice Zocher, at, and she shall post them below.


September 18, 12 PM, Timothy Dwight Dining Hall: Renaissance Lunch Presents Carlos Eire (Yale University)

September 25, 5:30 PM: Medieval-Renaissance Forum Presents Barbara Mundy (Fordham University), ” The Conquest of the Book: Amerindian painters and writers in sixteenth century Mexico”

October 5, 4 PM, LC 319: Medieval English Colloquium Presents Leslie Lockett (The Ohio State University), “Augustine’s Transformation from Catechumen and PHilosopher to ‘Bishop of Carthage’ in the Old English Soliloquies

October 12, 4 PM, LC 319: Medieval English Colloquium Presents Annie Killian (Yale University), “Hungering for Christ’s Voice: Lyrics in Sermons and The Book of Margery Kempe

October 24, 4:30 PM: Medieval-Renaissance Forum Presents Pamela Patton (Princeton University), “Is Spain Different? Blackness (and Whiteness) in Medieval Iberia”

October 30: Medieval Song Lab Presents Ian Quinn (Yale). 5 PM, singing from early notation. 5:30 PM, Discussion of a pre-circulated paper by Ian Quinn. 

November 3, 4 PM, LC 319: Medieval English Colloquium Presents Karl Steel (Brooklyn College, CUNY), “The Prioress and her Pets: On Countrefete Cheere and Other Unnatural Bonds”

November 8, 5 PM: Medieval-Renaissance Forum Presents Annemarie Weyl Carr (Emerita, Southern Methodist University), “Branded: Watching an Icon Get Its Name”

November 30, 4 PM, LC 319: Medieval English Colloquium Presents Jessica Brantley (Yale University), “Visible Literacies”

November 30, 4:30 PM: Medieval-Renaissance Forum Presents Persis Berlekamp (The University of Chicago), “Reflections on a Bridge and Its Waters: Fleeting Access at Jazirat b. ‘Umar / Cizare/ ‘Ain Diwa” 

December 4: Medieval Song Lab Presents Eliza Zingesser (Columbia). 6 PM, singing from early notation. 6:30 PM, discussion of a pre-circulated paper by Eliza Zingesser. 


FALL 2017

Thursday, September 28, 5 PM, Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library, “Death and the Fate of the Soul in Byzantium: Theologies, Liturgies, Images” 

Vasileios Marinis, Associate Professor of Christian Art and Architecture, Yale University

Thursday, October 26, 5:30 PM, “Libraries in the Late Antique Latin West”

Cillian O’Hogan, Assistant Professor of Latin Language and Literature, University of British Columbia

Thursday, November 16, 5:30 PM,  ”Sharing Ships and Sailors’ Shrines: Muslims, Christians, and Jews at Sea in the Pre-Modern Mediterranean”

Amy Remensnyder, Professor of History, Brown University

Thursday, December 7, 5:30 PM, “Literature and History in Late Fifteenth Century Castile: Manrique and de Rojas as Historical Sources”

Teofilo Ruiz, Distinguished Professor and Robert and Dorothy Wellman Chair in Medieval History, University of California, Los Angeles


Thursday, February 15, 5:30 PM, Title and location TBA

Suzanne Conklin Akbari, Professor of English and Medieval Studies, Director of the Centre of Medieval Studies, University of Toronto

Thursday, March 1, 5:30 PM, Title and location TBA

Roberta Gilchrist, Professor of Archaeology, University of Reading

Thursday, April 12, 5:30 PM, Title and location TBA

Simon Gaunt, Professor of French Language and Literature, King’s College London

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