Medieval Studies Course Listing  2016-2017

Please note that course numbers listed with an “a” are offered in the fall term and those with a “b” are offered in the spring term.

Please check the Yale Online Course Information web site at info for the most up to date information, as well as the course descriptions.



ARBC 501a

ARBC 501b

Elementary Modern Standard Arabic Muhammad Aziz

ARBC 502a

ARBC 502b

Intermediate Modern Standard Arabic Jonas Elbousty

ARBC 510a

ARBC 510b

Intermediate Classical Arabic

Shawkat Toorawa

Religious Studies

REL 945a From House Churches to Medieval Cathedrals Felicity Harley
RLST 557b Medieval Indian Texts Phyllis Granoff

REL 683b/MUSI 627b/MDVL 600b

Liturgy, Ritual, and Chant of Medieval England (Sarum Use)

Henry Parkes

Brian Spinks

RLST 776b/HIST 601b/JDST 790b Jewish History, Thought, and Narratives in Medieval Societies Ivan Marcus

RLST 777b/HIST590b/JDST764b

Jews in Muslim Lands from the Seventh

through the Sixteenth Century

Ivan Marcus



ENGL 500a/LING 500a

Introduction to Old English Language and Literature

Roberta Frank

ENGL 501b/LING 501b

Beowulf and the Northern Heroic Tradition 

Roberta Frank

ENGL 545a/CPLT 582a

Medieval Translation Ardis Butterfield


CLSS 601a/MDVL 571a

Introduction to Latin Paleography N. Raymond Clemens

CLSS 602b/MDVL 563b

Advanced Latin Paleography

Barbara Shailor



HIST 533a/MDST 599a

The Twelfth Century

Paul Freedman

HIST 800b/HSAR 746b/MDVL565b

Circa 1000

Anders Winroth

Mary Miller

Valerie Hansen

HIST 540b

Introduction to Research in Medieval History

Anders Winroth

HIST 596a

History of the Jews & Their Diasporas to Early Modern Times

Ivan Marcus

HIST 860a/NELC 830a

From Medina to Constantinople: The Middle East from 600-1517

Adel Allouche

History of Art

HSAR 588a Studies in Medieval Sculpture, 900-1500 Jackie Jung

HSAR 597b

Word and Image in the Middle Ages

Robert Nelson



ITAL 654b

Medieval Visions of the Future

Christiana Purdy Moudarres