Graduate Publications

This page hosts information about student publications by medievalist graduate students right across Yale’s departments. Please send such information to us and we shall include it. NB - when providing this, do follow the style of presentation used below.


WALGENBACH, Elizabeth.  “Beinecke Manuscript 508 and Ole Worm’s Antiquarian World” Gripla 25 (2014): 65-86

HINDLEY, Katherine.  “Mandeville Rediscovered:  Examining Beinecke MS Osborn a55, the ‘Lost’ Manuscript of Mandeville’s Travels”.  Forthcoming in The Journal of the Early Book Society 17 (2014). 

KRAEBEL, Andrew. “Biblical Exegesis and the Twelfth-Century Expansion of Servius.”  Commissioned for Classical Commentary: Explorations in a Scholarly Genre, ed. C. S. Kraus and C. A. Stray.  Oxford: Oxford University Press.

KRAEBEL, Andrew. “The Manuscript Tradition of Richard Ullerston’s Expositio canticorum Scripturae.”  Forthcoming in The Mediaeval Journal 3:1 (2013).

KRAEBEL, Andrew. “The Medieval Bible as Literature.”  Co-authored with Alastair Minnis.  Forthcoming in The Edinburgh Companion to the Bible and the Arts, ed. A. T. S. Prickett.  Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press. 

KRAEBEL, Andrew. “Commentary and Poetry in the Medieval School of Rheims, c. 883-1100.”  Forthcoming in Encountering Scripture in Overlapping Cultures: Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, ed. M. Cohen and A. Berlin. 

WEISKOTT, Eric.  “Puns and Poetic Style in the Old English Exodus.”  Forthcoming in Linking Words: Paronomasia, Etymology and Textual Interpretation in the European Middle Ages, ed. Mikael Males.

WEISKOTT, Eric.  “Lawman, the Last Old English Poet and the First Middle English Poet.”  Forthcoming in the proceedings of the 7th International Layamon Conference (Paris, 2012), ed. Marie-Françoise Alamichel.

WEISKOTT, Eric. “Phantom Syllables in the English Alliterative Tradition.”  Forthcoming in Modern Philology 110 (2013).


WEISKOTT, Eric.   Bawdyng, a Middle English Hapax Legomenon,” Notes & Queries 60 (2013): 24.

WEISKOTT, Eric.   “Chaucer the Forester: The Friar’s Tale, Forest History, and Officialdom,” Chaucer Review 47 (2013): 323-36.


HINDLEY, Katherine. “History and Ownership,” in Winfried Rudolf and Timoty Leonardi, eds., An English Prayerbook of the Fifteenth Century in Vercelli - Studies in the Palaeography and History of Vercelli, Biblioteca Capitolare, MS CCXXV (Vercelli: Gallo, 2012), pp. 89-101.

KRAEBEL, Andrew. “Commentary on Biblical and Ecclesiastical Literature from Late Antiquity to the Twelfth Century.”  Translation from the French of Jean Leclercq, with a bibliographic preface.  The Mediaeval Journal 2:2 (2012): 27-53.

KRAEBEL, Andrew. “John of Rheims and the Psalter-Commentary attributed to Ivo II of Chartres, Revue bénédictine 122 (2012): 252-293.

KRAEBEL, Andrew. “The Use of Richard Rolle’s Latin Psalter in Richard Ullerston’s Expositio canticorum Scripturae,” Medium Ævum 81 (2012): 139-144.

WEISKOTT, Eric.   “A Semantic Replacement for Kaluza’s Law in Beowulf,” English Studies 93 (2012): 891-96

WEISKOTT, Eric.   “OE Panther 74b ‘Þæt is æþele stenc,’” Notes & Queries 59 (2012): 5-6.

WEISKOTT, Eric.   “Making Beowulf Scream: Exclamation and the Punctuation of Old English Poetry,” Journal of English and Germanic Philology 111 (2012): 25-41.


KRAEBEL, Andrew. “The Place of Allegory in the Psalter-Commentary on Bruno the Carthusian,”  Mediaeval Studies 73 (2011): 207-216.

KRAEBEL, Andrew. “Prophecy and Poetry in the Psalms-Commentaries of St. Bruno and the Pre-Scholastics,”  Sacris erudiri 50 (2011): 413-459 + 2 color plates.

KRAEBEL, Andrew. “Christina Rossetti’s Quotations of the Psalter (1875).”  Notes and Queries 58 (2011): 93-94.

KRAEBEL, Andrew. Richard of St.-Victor.  On the Four Degrees of Violent Love.  Translated with an introduction.  In On Love, ed. H. B. Feiss, pp. 261-300.  Victorine Texts in Translation, 2.  Turnhout: Brepols, 2011 (hardback).  New York: New City Press, 2012 (paperback).

WEISKOTT, Eric.  “Three Beowulf Cruces: healgamen, fremu, Sigemunde,” Notes & Queries 58 (2011): 3-7.


KRAEBEL, Andrew. The Sermons of William of Newburgh, edited from Oxford, Bodleian Library, MS Rawlinson C. 31, London, Lambeth Palace Library, MS 73, and London, British Library, MS Stowe 62.  Toronto Medieval Latin Texts, 31.  Toronto: Pontifical Institute of Mediaeval Studies for the Centre for Medieval Studies, 2010. x + 118 pp.


KRAEBEL, Andrew. Grammatica and the Authenticity of the Psalms-Commentary attributed to Bruno the Carthusian,” Mediaeval Studies 71 (2009): 63-97.